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Message from the President

Today we cannot imagine life without electricity. We expect trains to run on time and that lights will turn on at the flick of a switch. These things are achieved by a stable supply of electricity. Power distribution facilities ensure that electric power is supplied in the appropriate amounts and only to the necessary places. It is power distribution equipment that plays an important role in the smooth and efficient delivery of power to industry and consumers.

As a top manufacturer of power distribution equipment enjoying a high market share in Japan, we have focused on the development of new products that meet a variety of needs of electric power companies and railway companies throughout Japan, ever since our inception in 1956.

Motokuni TakaokaIn this 21st century, the dynamics and the structure of the energy industry are rapidly changing. The energy market is now deregulated and energy sources have been diversified. Our R&D team is proactively dedicating themselves to keep up with the times and with these changes.

Looking ahead, we are stepping up our efforts and the energy which we devote to creating a more prosperous society enabled by our accumulated knowledge and technology, and manifested through a stable and efficient power supply.

President of Nippon Kouatsu Electric Co. Ltd.
Motokuni Takaoka
Personal profile

Mr. Takaoka has been leading NKE since 1998. Besides creating a stable and interesting work environment for his employees, he is driven by his desire to bring innovative products into the power market. He strongly believes that it is his mission - as a power-related manufacturer - to create better power supply structures for the benefit of electricity consumers and power suppliers, and also for energy sustainability.

Through his global knowledge, and contacts, Mr. Takaoka is always alert to new and more efficient and sophisticated solutions which might enable NKE to make the best use of the existing power facilities and infrastructure, or to promote new energy use.

His close business ties with the power utilities, both in Japan and other countries, and his wide personal network, help him to accelerate his ambitions. Mr. Takaoka has succeeded in successfully introducing a number of outstanding overseas components into the Japan market by localizing them through NKE.

Mr. Takaoka holds a M.S. in Engineering from Stanford University, a M.B.A. from Keio University in Japan and a B.E. in Applied Physics from Nagoya University in Japan. He is a Director of the Japan Stanford Association.
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