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About this Web site

Mission and Vision

Protecting peoples’ lives

Our principle products are high and low-voltage electric distribution equipment, used for power distribution lines, private electrical facilities and so on. Power distribution equipment plays an active role in substations, railways, streets, in fact, everywhere in people’s day-to-day lives. Electricity is convenient and safe but if a single misstep occurs it can become deadly.
In order to ensure the supply of stable electrical power, NKE only supplies products that meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Responding to the needs of the age

In order to meet our customers’ needs, with a broad range of products, we gather and integrate the expertise and information arising from each of our sales, R&D and production departments. By this analysis, we are also able to offer proposals which provide extra features and advantages, and add value to our customers. With this “value creation”, we can provide cutting-edge assistance to meet our customers’ exact requirements.

Creating the future

Currently, the world is closely connected by IT networks and logistic networks.
Customers using our technologies and products can be found throughout the world.
Our keywords are both “globalization” and “localization”. We consider it our mission to constantly review technologies, costs and quality from a global viewpoint in order to deliver the highest satisfaction to our customers, and to win their recognition.

Continually winning customers’ esteem

Since the time of the development of the CF (cylindrical fusecutout) switch by NKE, its performance and safety have been continuously improved to comply with the needs of the times. All of the original benefits and advantages of the product have been carried forward to each new generation product. The success of this original NKE product and its continuing viability in the market are both our pride and a testimony to our reliability.

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