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At NKE we are forward-looking. We are never completely satisfied with our current business operations, and with the existing products and markets. It is our intention to contribute to a better and exciting future by developing higher-performance and pioneering products and by bringing them to market.

In order to launch innovative and valuable new products and services faster and more efficiently, in addition to our own R&D, we actively seek alliances and collaboration with others.  Our approach is to seek products and technologies with high potential, but which may be only partially commercialized or not yet commercialized. We add value through our operational expertise and reputation in the market, and our ability to create a cost-effective channel to market.

NKE has been active, and very focused, in supporting a number of technological developments which are expected to have dramatic impacts on the future structure of the power supply industry.

Please also see our current investments and alliances pages.

If you have a relevant technology-venture in energy, microelectronics, software and material areas -  specifically for electric power-related products or services - and meet the following criteria then please contact us for an initial assessment of our interest as an investor or industry-based strategic partner:

  • early-stage, pre-commercialization or early commercialization;
  • strong technology and Intellectual Property, including patent protection;
  • global potential;
  • disruptive (that is, having the potential to change the dynamics between the existing players in an industry);
  • positive environmental impact;
  • and preferably high potential in Japanese and Chinese markets, as well as elsewhere.

Please contact partnering@nkeco.co.jp

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