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Strategic Investment

At present, one of NKE's special interests is new energy-related technologies, for example, power storage, solar energy generation and power control.


NKE invested in Hoku Scientific - a materials science company focused on clean energy technologies. Hoku went public on the NASDAQ exchange in 2006 and is continuing to take an important role in contributing to the creation of low-cost and efficient fuel cells with a focus on fuel cell membranes and membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs).


Miasole is a company that is striving for low-cost CIGS solar cell production with its unique and proprietary technology. Its goal is to widen the range of applications of solar power generation by the deployment of its thin and flexible solar cell, and thus promote green power usage. Miasolé is opening the door to global-scale, cost-effective solar power. [CIGS is a compound of copper, indium, gallium and selenium (Cu(In,Ga)Se2).]

Other than the above, NKE has made investments in some telecom-related businesses such as eAccess (ADSL), eMobile (mobile broadband) and Payease (payment service platform).

Also, we have participated in a couple of VC funds, namely WI Harper (telecom, semiconductor, software, etc.) and GVC (telecom, IT, advanced material, etc.), to seed and cultivate new alliances with ventures in the funds’ portfolios.

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