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Our Products and Technology

NKE’s strength is in the energy, microelectronics, software and material areas specifically for electric power-related products, such as switchgears, lightning protection equipment and fault locating systems. NKE concentrates its energy on technological development, with about 50 engineers at its R&D center. NKE's products are continuously evolving through the application of the accumulated expertise of our staff and our experience in the field, and by applying state-of-the-art technologies. We also gain expertise through our alliances and investments.

Overhead Gas Switch
NKE’s switchgears are compact, yet boast excellent breaking performance and long-term reliability, which is achieved by our sophisticated design of arc extinguish mechanisms and processing techniques. Our product-line includes gas and air manual /automatic overheadswitches and gas and vacuum padmount switches.

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Lightning Protection


For more than 20 years, ever since the start of our ZnO block production, we have been improving and refining our ZnO block year-after-year. The block is now applied to our lightning protection equipment and more widely in protecting distribution equipment, power distribution lines and LV power sources.

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ZnO block
Power distribution lines
Fault Locating

NKE offers fault locating detection solutions across a range of applications - from an advanced fault locating system which shows the exact fault point on a PC screen in a remote control room using the latest combination of sensor technologies of sensor, telecommunications, computers and GPS, through to a mobile and manual ground-fault detector, to a simple fault indicator on a power line. Contact us for an assessment of your fault location requirements.

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Fault locating system
Mobile and manual ground-fault detector
Fault indicator

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